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6 - Do Not Miss - Anchorages On Your Next Maine Coast Adventure

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Maine Coast Cruising strives to be one of the best boat charters in Portland Maine offering customized adventures. People travel to the Maine Coast from all over the world to experience the natural beauty and working heritage that makes up the identity of this place. When on a boat tour or charter boat, we find it is often those moments of pause, arriving at a destination, turning the engine off and enjoying good company while surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Maine coast that makes these experiences last forever. Below is a short list of some of our favorite places to anchor and show off what Maine has to offer.


  • Diamond Cove - Nestled on the northern end of Great Diamond Island, Diamond Cove is a cozy little harbor not far from Portland's shores. It is easily accessible and a great way to feel far from the hustle of the mainland without having to travel far. Enjoy the island's cliffs, watch recreational boats, picnic or swim while you hang in this quiet cove. An osprey nest is easily visible on adjacent Crow Island and watching osprey dive for fish is not an unusual site. - Accessible on any length trip. -

  • South Beach, Long Island - Long Island is one of the larger islands in Casco Bay and on the back side, facing the open ocean, lies South Beach. The beach is protected by a ledge making it a perfect place to drop anchor and the quality of its sand and lack of crowds makes it one of Maine's most premier and least visited beaches in the state. This is one of those spots that's hard to believe exists and what makes the Maine Coast a treasure chest of hidden gems. - Accessible on 4 hour & half day charters. Half day charters allow more flexibility and leisure beach time. -


  • Cocktail Cove - One of Casco Bay's most idolized anchorages, Cocktail Cove lies on the northwest corner of Jewell Island, one of the outer most islands of Casco Bay. A trip to Cocktail Cove always feels like an adventure as we weave our way past the more frequented waters to the outskirts of Casco Bay. The cove is wild and beautiful. The island itself has been preserved and is managed by the Maine Island Trail Association (MITA); it has camp sites, hiking trails and an old WWII tower that affords one of the best views of Casco Bay. - Best enjoyed on a half day custom excursion. -

  • Cow Island - This spot is a favorite on our sunset sail or cocktail cruise as it affords one of the most magnificent views as the sun falls below the horizon. The Island is owned by Ripple Effect, a non-profit aimed at building leadership in youth through outdoor adventure. The island and the mission of Ripple Effect casts the perfect back drop to a leeward anchorage perfect for swimming, enjoying a snack and watching the sun set over the coast of Maine. - Accessible on any length trip. -

  • Chandler Cove - Chandler Cove skirts the line between a recreational haven and a working harbor of lobster boats less inviting to tour boats. On the southern end of Chebeague Island lies Chandler Cove where you will find family boats rafted up with groups of kids swimming to the sandy beach along side lobstermen pulling up to the wharf with the day's haul of lobsters. It is an authentic place that offers you a glimpse into the balance of those who treat the Maine Coast as their playground, and those who depend on it for their livelihood. The sense of community in this little harbor is palpable. There is a reason it is visited by families, it is protected, safe and has great access to beautiful beach.- Accessible on 4 hour charters and longer. -

  • The Goslings - Many consider the anchorage at the Gosling Islands to be the premier anchorage of Casco Bay. Managed and preserved by MITA, like Jewell Island, there are camp sites on the islands that attract kayakers and boaters alike. Wildlife abounds in this area of the bay with so many preserved islands surrounding the area. Seal rookeries make seal sightings common place and birds like great blue herons, osprey and eagles are common to see. The Goslings are on the eastern end of Casco Bay and getting there allows us to see much of what the bay has to offer on our cruise to and from this natural oasis. - Accessible on half day custom charters. -

Cruising the Maine Coast is always special, and each adventure brings something new no matter what you choose to do with your time on the water. This short list is just a sampling of where we might find ourselves on one of our boat charters and serves to highlight what is possible with our custom trips. No matter what length trip you choose, or what your goals are, we like to think we offer one of the best boat charters in Portland Maine.

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