Maine Cruising Club

Wish you could explore Maine's pristine coast but don't want the headache of having your own boat?  Join the Maine Cruising Club and get the experience of your own boat, plus the benefit of a personal captain at a fraction of the cost of owning.  With so many options and experiences in Casco Bay, there is always something new to see or explore.  Picnic in a hidden cove, see ocean wildlife, explore an uninhabited island, laugh, swim, no matter how you spend your trips, you'll have something fresh to look forward to throughout the summer.  Membership includes two complimentary t-shirts.  Take the jump and join MCC for an affordable, hassle free, boating season!

Cruising Club Memberships

  • Cruising Club

    One Time Fee For a Season Long Discount
    Valid for 6 months
    • 20% Off All Bookings
    • No Booking Limits
    • Valid For 1 Season
    • Member or Spouse Must Be Present For Charters
    • 2 T-Shirts Included