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Frequently Asked


  • How do I reserve a trip?
    Trips are most easily booked online on our "charters" page. However, you may contact us by phone or email for questions, booking or a custom request.
  • When are trips offered?
    We offer trips daily from morning until sunset May through October. Current availability and booking can be found on the "charters" page of our website. If you do not see availability for the time you want, occasionally you may contact us, occasionally we can accomodate trips that is not reflected in online availability.
  • Where is the boat located and where do we park?
    The boat is docked at South Port Marine in South Portland just over the bridge from Portland's Old Port. Park in any open spot, marina parking is free.
  • Where do we go when we get to the marina?
    Once you get to the marina, grab your things and gather with your party by the flag pole and bench by the marina shop. The first mate or captain will meet you at that location prior to your trip and show you to the boat.
  • Is there a bathroom on board?
    Yes, there is a "head", or marine toilet on board. We encourage you to use the facilites on shore prior to boarding as a curtesy.
  • Are food and drinks icluded with the trip?
    Water and non-alcoholic refreshments are included with our charters though you are encouraged to bring food, the fixings of your favorite cocktail, craft beer or wine. We have a full galley and provide all the items you would expect to find in a kitchen so no need to bring the accoutrements to accompany your meal. Check our recommendations for some amazing take-out prior to your trip.
  • Do you have recommendations for take-out and provisions prior to our trip?
    Boy do we ever! Knightville, is a hidden gem of incredible food. Check out our page of recommended take-out for everything from lobster rolls and oysters to unique burgers and beer.
  • Can we bring adult beverages?
    Yes, our trips are BYOB. You may bring wine, beer or the fixings for your favorite cocktail. We have ice, a way to keep drinks cold, knife, cutting board, bottle opener and cork screw. However, as much as we love to have fun, we do not allow shots or binge drinking while under way and can cancel a trip early at any time if the captain warrants the level of inebriation unsafe or unruly.
  • Will we see wildlife?
    We guarntee you see some form of wildlife. Seals, sea birds, ocean sun fish, harbor purpoise and even the occasional pod of dolphins or whale can be seen on our trips. It is also common to see another wild animal, the Maine Lobsterman, in his natural habitat in the morning and early afternoon.
  • What should I wear?
    In general, it is always cooler on the water and we recommend bringing some warmer layers. We are fortunate enough to have a heated cabin for the cooler months when you need to come in and get warm. A feature perfect for leaf peeping season. We also have cozy blankets for those who prefer to stick out the chill in the salt air.
  • What should I bring on the trip?
    Camera, bathing suit, book, warm layer, picnic and adult beverages are items we find guests are most happy they have brought with them.
  • Do you cancel due to rain or bad weather?
    "Islander" has a splendid cabin with fantastic visiblity allowing us to rarely cancel due to weather. However, weather cancellations do occasionally happen and adjustments to the trip do sometimes take palce. In this case, the appropriate communication and adjustment in price will be made.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You may cancel for any reason and receive a 100% refund of your deposit if cancelation takes place at least 48 hours before trip departure. Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis for cancellation within 48 hours of trip departure.
  • Is swimming allowed?
    YES! You may absolutely swim at the captain's discretion.
  • What is the Maine Cruising Club?
    The Maine Cruising Club is for those who think they want to get out on the water 3 times or more during the season and save money doing so. A one time payment gets you a large discount on a package of 3 trips as well as 15% off any additional trips you may wish to take that season. It is the perfect option for those who know they want to get out on the water several times during the season but don't want the hassle of owning and operating their own boat.
  • How many passengers are allowed on a trip?
    The US Coast Guard mandates we carry no more then 6 paying passengers. This rule applies to people of any age including babies and small children.
  • May we book a trip that extends into the evening?
    Yes! We typically reserve the evening for our cocktail or sunset cruises but please email us for custom requests, cost and availability.
  • What happens if we get sea sick?
    In general, Casco Bay is a calm body of water and it is very unlikely you get sea sick. We do keep compression bracelets on board that help prevent motion sickness that you are welcome to borrow. We do not issue refunds for trips that are requested to be cut short due to sea sickness. Please feel free to contactus with questions or concerns.
  • May I bring my dog?
    It is our experience that larger dogs do not do well aboard the boat and are generally discouraged, however, smaller, well-behaved dogs are allowed. If you believe there is any risk your dog may jump overbaord, it is advised to have the dog in a life vest with a handle to help aid in getting the dog back into the vessel should it go overboard.
  • Is gratuity included in the price of the cruise?
    Gratuity is only accpted for a job well done. This is entirely voluntary.
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